Many may remember Creed Bratton as the man in charge of “something” on the legendary NBC show “The Office” for nine seasons.

What many may not know about Bratton, however, is that he is a man of two faces. On one side, there’s his well-known acting career, and on the other, is his lesser-known musical side. The lovable, funny director of quality assurance at Dunder Mifflin is quite a songwriter, and you’ll get your chance to hear his indelible craft on his latest single “Heart of Darkness.”

Before diving into the single, however, here’s some historical context.

Bratton grew up in a family influenced by music. By the time he was 13-years-old, he bought his first guitar, and when he became a high schooler, he made his life choice: to become a professional musician.

So, Bratton began traveling all over the world with his trusty guitar and his band, Young Californians. His sterling guitar playing got the attention of fellow guitarist Warren Entner, and in 1966, he and Bratton formed a partnership and created the band, The 13th Floor.

The next year, after the band lost its bass player, The 13th Floor morphed into The Grass Roots, and the “new” band found themselves playing at some of America’s best-known music festivals during the “Summer of Love,” including the Monterey Pop Festival, Los Angeles Pop Festival, and the Miami Pop Festival.

While he was flying high with The Grass Roots, Bratton also found time to record solo material, which was ramped up after he left the band in 1969. Most of these singles didn’t see release, however, as, by 1979, he began a prosperous acting career, which culminated with his hilarious character on the award-winning show “The Office.”

But in 2001, he began releasing his solo work to the listening public, and it revived an interest in his catalog. Now, Bratton is back on the music high horse, releasing the single “Heart of Darkness,” which is a slice of folk heaven to the ears and presents Bratton in a light that many have rarely seen.

The single is being released ahead of his seventh studio effort, While the Young Punks Dance, and it should be on everyone’s favorite streaming service on April 6. Make sure to check out the single and look for the album, and also, let’s hope that he’s still up for showing us what a four-toed foot looks like.